Standardisation of Employee’s Training, TWI method (four steps of employees instruction)

Target group:

Staff responsible for training and production management.

Training program:

  • TWI – remedy for difficulties in transfer of knowledge due to increased turnover of employees. Training in accordance to PDCA with full utilisation of resources (introduction and genesis). Differences between traditional methods of employees instruction used in companies (talk only, show only) and instruction as per TWI

  • ability to Instruct Employees IP,

  • ability to improve Working Methods MP,

  • ability to construct well Relations with Employees,

  • ability to preserve Occupational Safety BP,

  • Four Steps method in Employees problem solving

  • Paraphrase and feedback

  • Training system management via Competences Matrix.


Program may be changed as per individual customer’s requirements.

Duration of training:2 days ( dates to be agreed to customer’s specific demands)